Happy Monday! I'm not actually feeling that fresh as I do should for a Monday. I'm tired but still ready to design some cute unicorn or emoji range for kids wear. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys a workwear look I put together last week and I'm feeling very impressed with my choice of items!

Last week I had a real down moment where I just looking through my wardrobe and thinking I just don't want to wear any of it. I have this thing where I fall out of love with pieces in my wardrobe and I hide them from myself for a while, then when I bring them out again I fall in love with them all over again. I know I sound mad but that's the way my mind works!

Feeling very uninspired, I really wanted a new and different look for my workwear from all my summery outfits I've put together recently. Also, I believe in dressing for the part and these past few weeks since my holiday I haven't been doing that, instead I have been rolling into work half arsed. So with this look here I wanted a decent look for a day in work but something I can wear straight after work for Friday night drinks with the girls.

For this desk to dance floor look I have gone with a pair of wide leg striped trousers. I love the paper bag detail at the waist, here I have teamed it with a one shoulder bodysuit to give a contrast in my silhouette. I'm not normally a fan of blazers as they remind me of school days but this white one was a great find as it fits me perfectly. Plus it has that 80's vibe and I felt this whole look had an Ab Fab feel to it.

Let me know if you like this work wear look and I can do more outfits for work.

Joey x