For the past three weeks I have slowly started to build up my running again, by doing a long run with a Sweaty Betty group on a Saturday and short runs throughout the week. My aim is to keep increasing the distance of my long runs and decrease times for the short intense runs. So as well as all this exercise I wanted to share with you what I include in my diet. Now I must stress I am in no way a professional runner or dietician but I wanted to share with you guys what I have learnt by introducing certain foods into my diet to help me with my running.

Half the battle with getting fit and training for a run is being in control of your diet, which I must admit can be quite hard for me as I do get cravings for cheese, cake and at the moment hot cross buns! But saying all that I do keep to a healthy diet overall and the below are staples to my weekly shop.


I could not live without eggs in my diet! I find them the most versatile food that can be cooked in so many different ways. In the week I have two scrambled eggs for my breakfast - its fast and easy when I am in work. What's so great about eggs is that the protein from them is easy for your body to absorb, which is perfect for muscle-repair when running long distance. Plus for people calorie counting its only 177 calories for breakfast (based on two medium eggs) and I find it keeps me fuller for longer compared to a carb breakfast.


I find oranges a really quick and easy snack when I'm feeling a little peckish mid afternoon. What's so good about them is that they have lots of antioxidant vitamin C, which will help reduce muscle soreness after a hard workout. Amazing for a couple of 'easy-peelers' a day!


Protein is so important for a runners development and when you start to train and increase your distance you need foods like chicken which are high in protein to help push you with your progress. The protein in chicken helps rebuild muscles and support recovery after a long distance run. Chicken is a key ingredient for my lunch, which I have with spinach, plum tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot dip or humous. 


This is one of those super foods that I have been eating for a long time now. As well as tasting amazing they are great for runners as they are in the group of complex carbohydrates which you need to eat on the lead up to a race day or a high intense workout. They fill your glycogen stores in the muscles which helps with your performance on race day. 


This is my favourite fish to eat for dinner, I find it quick and easy to cook and team it with broccoli and sweet potato wedges or I'll add Salmon to a Thai curry. Again another great source of protein, plus it is high in Omega - 3 for brain development and function. This fish is an all round good item to add to your diet.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Obviously I do have cheat days over the weekend but I try and keep to a healthy diet as much as I can because I do feel a difference by eating these. Let me know your thoughts on these foods or what other food you have added into your diet to make it more healthier.