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I am writing this with a feeling of not knowing what to say, or how to really approach this subject. What happened on Monday night shocked and devastated me to my core. Manchester is a city full of fond and crazy memories and is the place I feel the most at home, so to hear it was under attack broke my heart. Now I know my blog isn't the place for political views, it's a space for fashion inspiration and escapism from your own life. But I feel it would be rude not to acknowledge the upset and shock of what Manchester has gone through this week. I hold Manchester very close to my heart and cannot speak highly enough of the place, but more importantly the people and their spirit. Manchester has had a tough old week, but when you hear about how the people are holding up makes me feel proud of the city.

Manchester will never live in fear!

I have always been a fan of East London and it's interesting side streets. Last weekend me and Joe took a few shortcuts until we came across this little spot, near Brick Lane. I do love a graffiti backdrop, especially when it's against more of a tailored look.

Since pulling together some stripes pieces for May Inspiration post I have been seeing stripes everywhere! Even though the high street has some unique stripe prints, I really want to try brands that I haven't before. I have been a fan of Finery London for a while, but never bought from them, so when I saw this oversized shirt I thought it would be perfect chance to see if the product looks as good as it does on their website. And... it delivered! This shirt feels so silky and drapes perfect on, I was so impressed with the quality I wish I had bought the trousers to go with the shirt. Here I wanted to create a more tailored look that I would wear for work when I have meetings, adding something special with my velvet bow shoes from H&M. Let me know what you think of the outfit and if you have ever bought from Finery London before?

Joey x