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Most of the time I get inspiration by just shopping online or heading out onto the high street to see what the likes of Zara and Selfridges has to offer. Sometimes however I have to dig a little deeper and my inspiration can come from other places such as checking out other bloggers. Instagram is a wonderful place to get your creative juices flowing and just by typing in a hashtag you can bring up an whole host of stylish people. When looking for new accounts to follow I like their style to be quite diverse, experimenting mixing their own personal style with current trends.

An amazing account that I have discovered recently is Maria Bernad. She has such a strong sense of style and oozes sex appeal, mixing traditional tailoring with on trend pieces, all whilst looking like she's walked straight off a French film set. Another girl I just love, not only for her sense of style but because she is a fellow 'bloody' northerner, with an awesome taste in music is Megan from Pages by Megan. She has a very distinctive fashion taste for anything 60's, mixing this with current trends she isn't afraid to take risks and have fun with her outfits.

This leads me onto this outfit, taking inspiration from both of these women I decided to put together what I would call a very 'me' look by using my current favourite pair of mom jeans with this stripe shirt. I honestly believe a stripe shirt can be just as much of a staple as a crisp white shirt. Taking this simple look and adding my own twist to the look with my black glittery socks and these beautiful velvet now mules. When I saw these fugly shoes on the H&M website I instantly fell in love with them and bought them without even thinking of what they would go with. Sometimes you just have to buy the item then hope and pray they will fit with your style! But I have to say I bloody love them and I have lots of ideas for more outfits with them. Please let me know what you think of this look? And who inspires you at the moment.

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