mesh top, topshop jeans, northern magpie
white blonde hair red suede boots, raw edge jeans, meah top, northern magpie
red suede boots, topshop raw edge jeans, velvet blazer, fashion outfit, northern magpie
ootd, washed denim jeans, mesh top, strappy bra, northern magpie
strappy bra, mesh top, red suede boots, northern magpie

Does anyone remember what Valentine's Day was like back in primary school?! You spent an afternoon in school creating a beautifully decorated card with glitter glued hearts and maybe even a drawing on the front. To then post the card in pink letter box at school so the teachers could give out the cards on the morning of Valentine's. I always remember getting that butterfly feeling as a little kid thinking I hope they like my card and maybe just maybe someone might send me a card back! Such a fun and fond memories, mainly because of the creative side and all that glitter.

As I've got older I started to see how Valentine's Day can mean different things to different people. With everyone having their take on what they like to do and send to that special someone. Some people love this holiday and revel in giving gifts, sending flowers and eating lots of chocolates, even if they are not with someone. And why not eh?! Others like to send a card or a token of their love to their partner or crush.

When it comes to Valentine's Day for me, I love nothing more than getting dressed up and heading out for a meal with my boyfriend. My love for food is on par with my love for Joe! So here I have created what I would wear for a romantic meal out. As it is Valentine's, I started by checking out Topshop's lingerie range, they had such a variety of gorgeous pieces but I decided on this multi-strap black lace bra. Because I have purchased such a stunning piece of lingerie I wanted to be able to wear it and it is seen, so I have teamed it here with this gold star printed mesh top. At first, I thought it might be a little OTT but once it arrived I loved the detail of the metallic finish on the print and the ruching at the seams. To balance out the top and bra I have worn my favourite pair of jeans at the moment, these raw edge godet jeans here and here. To tie in perfectly with this Valentines Day theme I have gone with these red suede ankle boots, which I am totally in love with! Please let me know your thoughts on this look everything is linked below.

Apart from this outfit I have also put together a mini Valentines wishlist, whether you are here looking for a girlfriend or just for yourself I've picked out some great presents!