I am trying out a new post idea with you guys, I going to review albums and songs that I personally love and want to share with you guys. I mostly love dance music and the different genres within it but if you were looking through my iTunes you would come across a wide variety of old and new music.. So don't have any preconception of what I might review!

Here is the new Caribou album 'Our Love'. For people who don't know who Caribou is, he is a Canadian composer, musician and recording artist who has also performed under the alias  Manitoba and Daphni but on this album he is Caribou. This is a beautifully crafted album that has gorgeous melodies and sounds that take you on a journey as any great album should do. 

Key tracks:

'Your Love Will Set You Free' - chilled track.

'Julia Brightly' - up lifting, dance track.

But my favourite track on the album is above 'Can't Do Without You', please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.