So Christmas and New Year are long gone and I am starting to plan my life out for the next year, including booking holidays and starting to think about which festivals I want to go to and this has made me start to think about bikinis. This requires me to show more skin than I have had to over the past couple of months, so I have returned to my work out routine and healthy eating. Me and my boyfriend have been doing 'dry January' and following the Paleo diet to kick start losing the winter weight and to tone up - my aim is to be lean not skinny for summer. I have been looking to inspiration from Candice Swanepoel Victoria Secrets model and Sam Faiers for more of a reality to what I think my body shape and height, but Candice's stomach is to die for!

My gym clothes have to support me loads but also I want them to make me look & feel good to encourage me to go to the gym more. Investing in a good pair of trainers and leggings are key! I think deciding on trainers is very personal because it depends on what training you do the most, I love Inov8 trainers as I do a lot of running so need a thin sole. I did a review here on different running trainers. If you can afford Nike leggings I would recommend investing in the 'dry-fit' leggings but if you can't afford them there now so many options from high street stores including Missguided & BooHoo who have both new sports ranges out.

Below is what I am wearing and links to where you can find them.