Now I know not everyone believes in their horoscope and lunar moon, but I truly believe for me the super blood moon had an effect on me! I couldn't sleep at all the night of the eclipse, I just kept going over things in my head about how I'm going to make money from my freelance work. Massively stressing over things at night time but if you ask me in the day I would tell you everything is going to be fine. After that night I read up on how the super blood moon can effect people in different ways, I mean the moon basically controls the tides on earth if must have some effect on humans! Turns out after the eclipse you leave your old life behind and begin a new one after the super blood moon, going full pelt into a new stage of my life.. Which is exactly what I am doing right now in my life; turning thirty, leaving full-time employment and starting freelance designing. Pretty spooky but I love this kind of stuff!

Anyway back to this outfit, I actually bought these jeans in the sale a couple of months ago from Urban, I love the mom jeans look its so relaxed. Here I've teamed them with a simple black jersey vest top and my Topshop heels. I haven't stopped wearing my leather jacket, think its my favourite purchase this year. Finish the outfit off are these stunning bar sunnies I purchased from Ebay. What do you guys think of this casual outfit?

Joey x 



LEATHER JACKET - H&M (similar here)


SUNNIES - EBAY (similar below)