A couple of weeks ago I was gifted a pair of jelly shoes from Meduse. They are gorgeous glittery shoes which I have worn nearly everyday since receiving them! What I have been asked to do is promote their colour challenge, bold bright and beautiful colours! Now as you might have seen on my blog I don't always choose the most crazy colours normally, in fact my favourite colour to wear is actually grey! So when I got asked by Meduse to create a daring and stylish outfit that represented my style, I actually found it quite challenging. But, I feel like I have pulled it off here with this turquoise shirt whilst matching it with this brown suede jacket and brown glitter pleated shorts to finish off the Meduse glitter clear shoes.

My inspiration came from the spring summer seventies trend that's happening right now, I am loving the deep hues of the brown suede and a pop of colour from the green shirt. I have done fabric mixing with different textures to give the outfit some depth.

This was such a fun project to work on and I encourage people to play around with clashing colours whether you try it with the festival trend or try triple denim shades to create a fun and unique outfit. 

Take photos and promote your style on Instagram or Twitter and tag @meduseoriginal & #medusecolor to win three pairs of their amazing shoes! To enter head over to there Facebook page here and like Meduse, that will be were voting takes place to win three styles from there new collection, a pair of Jumpy boots, a Saldano and the iconic Sun jelly sandals. Here's the important part - you must submit your entry via Twitter or Instagram by the Friday 19th June 4pm (G.M.T.). All submissions will then be added to Meduse facebook page by the Monday 22nd June 11am (G.M.T.) for voting. 1 like = a vote and voting will close on the Monday 29th June 4pm (G.M.T.) . Good luck!!