With everything on my blog I like to show you what I am loving through my outfits and style them in my own unique way. You guys get to see the finished product in the form of thought out polished photography. So I decided to give you guys an insight into my crazy creative mind and how I start my research into outfits.

Now I'm sure everyone has a Pinterest account, even my mum has one to research her stitch patch work patterns. So it will come as no surprise that Pinterest is a starting point for collecting imagery. I visit the website on a daily basis pinning all sorts of imagery, some fashion, some interior and even workout routines. The pins that I am drawn to the most that I can't stop thinking about save onto a board and from there I go forth and shop!

For this blog post I wanted to keep it concise and to the point so only singled out 4 key images that have inspired me when shopping this month.


One colour that keeps popping up is the colour pink, the bolder the better. I loved the colour clash against the reds and feel you achieve this look some how and I intend to find my own way of achieving such a look. I actually love all four pieces as much as the other, this trend has me so excited for spring to hit. Plus I just love, love, love the bright pink sliders up above!


Since I bought my red tassel clutch last year I have thought about getting another red bag. This time more of day piece that can fit around any outfit and even be the stand out piece of an outfit. The key to this trend is to keep the size to a minimum and the boxy the better.

That's my inspiration for this month, I really enjoyed putting this post together and it made me find different and new pieces across both designer and high street. I would love to know your thoughts on this type of post and if you like any of the items I have picked out.

Joey x


These have been on my mind for about a year! I have tried on a few and I made up my mind that they weren't for me but then I saw the backless Gucci with the fur trim and fell in love. This particular pair is quite expensive, but my intention is to save and purchase them one day. In the mean time though the high street have some great dupes and unique sliders to choose from.


Last summer I fell for the light blue pinstripes that Zara had and I still love for them. But this season I want to branch out and experiment with bold colours and thicker stripes. This trend has a minimalist sporty feel, that can be dressed up or down. My favourite piece I've picked out is the stripe oversized jumper from Pull and Bear. It's so simple and gave me lots of ideas for outfits.