topshop wrap dress, red suede boots
stripe wrap dress, layering, red suede boots
topshop stripe wrap dress, black mom jeans, northern magpie
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Topshop stripe wrap dress, layering details, northern magpie
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wrap dress, red suede boots, northern magpie

Hey guys. I am back from a well rested and relaxing weekend away in Mallorca. Me and Joe went out to visit Joe's brother who lives there, we spent the weekend eating custard filled pastries and had an amazing 7-course meal with Joe's family. I have been sooo ready for a weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of London and to take some time out to chill before life gets a little hectic.

Knowing that this was only going to be a short trip away, we didn't book any luggage so I had to be super savvy and pack as light as possible! Now normally I am not good at this, in fact, I end up taking away with me a full suitcase and only ever wear about 30% of its contents. Is anybody else the same?!

Feeling inspired to be heading to a sunny climate I decided to create a capsule wardrobe of 9 pieces that could all be worn with each item to create new outfits for both the day and night. This was going to be a little bit of a challenge for someone who always over packs. So inspired by Topshop's spring summer collection I pieced together five different outfits for this trip and loved the results of only taking a small selection of clothes! If you follow me on Instagram I have already featured a couple of the looks but here is one of my favourite outfits from the weekend.

At the moment I have this urge to wear my spring outfits, bare legs and all! But the weather isn't that great so to get the most out of this dress I have layered it over my jeans. As there is a wrap detail to the dress it looks like a long top paired with jeans. Teaming these two pieces together is a great way to max out both a winter and spring items in your wardrobe. I am really loving colour blocking and for spring you will defiantly see more of it on here. Being inspired by so much red coming through on the high street I paired these red Topshop boots for a pop of colour. I cannot tell you how much I love these boots enough! They came with me on this trip and I wore them not stop apart from with one outfit. If you don't fancy wearing a full-colour blocking look, as it might be too much for you, I would suggest investing in a pair of brightly coloured shoes to wear against a neutral-toned outfit.

Let me know if you have trouble packing for a holiday too and your thoughts on this first spring look.

Joey x






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