I don’t know about anyone else but I live for the weekends. Not in the same way as I did like 5 years ago, these days I am all about taking time out to relax and re-charge before the week ahead. This year was the first time in a long, long time that I did absolutely nothing over Easter and it was bloody brilliant. I managed to test out different hot cross buns and have lots of cuddles with my little pup pup. Wish I could have a four day weekend every week!

When chilling out I always like to have a super relaxed look for comfort, I truly am a jeans and t-shirt type of girl so when it comes to weekend outfits they are my go to look when doing nothing. With my ever growing collection of jeans I still gravitate to an old pair of black mom jeans for comfort. With this pair of jeans I know I can wear just about anything with them and it completes a relaxed fashion statement outfit. That’s where this oversized stripe comes in. I found this piece on John Lewis boutique section love&found, a page full of grown up relaxed style pieces by contemporary brands. John Lewis is normally a place I go to check out the make-up and skin care section but not so much the clothes. love&found has a different feel to other department stores, instead of featuring the usual high stores this online boutique offers up a range of independent brands for you to discover. That’s where I had the idea to create a simple and relaxed look featuring this stripe shirt by Minimum and this great weekend over the shoulder suede weekend bag. I love discovering new brands and get so excited when I find a brand that fits with my style and I feel Minimum is definitely a brand that I will be checking out for future purchases.

Of course I would always feature fashion on my blog but just recently I have changed up my skin care routine and I also have a love for homeward products so below I have featured some items that I also love from the love&found section. I would love to know your thoughts on the the outfit and what do you guys wear for relaxing in?

Joey x