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So this is my final Christmas party look for you guys. Of course I might have something up my sleeve for New Years and drinks over the weekend but this is the last skin tight party dress for this season. I have officially put my out of office on at work and I've checked out from work duties. This makes me so happy after having a mad few weeks on the lead up to this years festivities, I am definitely ready for a chilled few days eating and drinking with friends. I also have two weeks off spending time with my little dog!

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While I slowly switch for Christmas, I wanted to talk about why I love this time of year. There are so many things about the holiday season that makes me happy, mince pies is just one of them! From the moment it turns the 1st December I'm fully in Christmas mode. And here are a few reasons why...

The build up

Let's start with the build up. I know most people scoff and moan that Christmas starts too early but for me it's one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I love looking out for the adverts and attending all the various Christmas parties. Everyone is in a good mood and getting into the festive spirit. I think I love the lead up more than the actual big day!

The food

Well ... I love food anytime of the year but when it comes to Christmas I do love to indulge a little bit more than normal. I even go as far as buying novelty Christmas shaped food, yep I am that person! As well as novelty food items I think food at Christmas brings people together and I love nothing more than catching up with friends over a festive theme meal.

The outfits

Christmas is the perfect excuse to dress up even if it just for just a few drinks. I find myself being drawn in by the high street to the shimmer and shine of the party looks that are on offer, knowing full well I might only wear them once. This year for me velvet has been the fabric for me, in particular, this dress from the Debenhams party dresses section. I just love the luxe hand feel of the fabric and the shade of violet. I featured a velvet look for my first party look and now for my final party outfit another velvet piece, I just can't get enough of this fabric. I do find myself experimenting more with the glitz and why not add more glitter to your look for this time of year.

Spending time with friends and family

I think this ties the last three points perfectly together and is my favourite thing about Christmas. This year my December has been booked up with events, parties and meals all spent seeing people I love and spreading the festive cheer. I fully intend to carry on the festive cheer this weekend with a few cheeky Christmas bevvies!

On that note, I hope you have an amazing Christmas.

Joey x