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Well ... since my last post talking about the first hit of spring and how excited I was for the slow change in seasons, the 'Beast From The East' went and hit us! I've never experienced or thought I would ever experience snow like it whilst living down in London. I have been snowed twice in my life time - once when I was very little, and then in 2010 when we were snowed in for four days in total. This time around I wasn't exactly snowed in but it did mean my trains into central London didn't run so I had a snow day on the Thursday. Bernard thought this was great news as he got to spend a full day with me, cuddling on my lap while I did work.

So with the change in weather to these arctic conditions I have actually spent the last week wrapped up in not so fashionable clothing and it also felt like the perfect time to take a mini break from social media. I did post a few images on my Insta but in all I wasn't as social as I normally am. Sometimes I find taking time away from blogging and social media makes me miss it but it also makes me think about what content I want to put out there for you guys. So if you were wondering why I hadn't posted in a while on here, it is simply because I needed to take a step back from it all and see the bigger picture. But I'm back now with some great content for you guys and excited for the change in this god damn weather!

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Some other lovely spring jackets.

Starting off with the art of layering for spring. I don't know about you but I've had enough of wearing my winter coats. Don't get me wrong I love my teddy bear coat but I've worn it far too much and now I'm ready for a change. That being said it's still baltic outside, maybe slightly over 10 degrees this week so you still need to keep warm! So to keep myself warm and still being able to wear my newest jackets I've opted for doubling up on my jackets. I was kindly sent a corduroy jacket from Nasty Gal which has a fur trim at the collar, which will be great worn with just a t-shirt in the summer. But for now it makes a great shirt layered over my long sleeve thick rib top. Over the top of that I've bought this oversized safari style jacket for H&M. I can't tell you how much I'm loving all the new season pieces from them, including this jacket. As it's so oversized it fits perfectly over my corduroy jacket.

From now on I will be constantly thinking of ways to style out this cold weather, without turning to my big coat. But don't be surprised if the teddy bear pops up again!

Joey x

P.S. The Beast From The East did make me realise I need to invest in some good walking boots, ones that are good for these cold snaps and more importantly for walking the dog, some stylish ones if possible! So if you can recommend a brand or stylish pair of boots please comment below or DM me.


JACKET (OVER THE TOP) - H&M head into the store for this jacket