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I am at a point in my life where friends are buying houses, getting engaged, having littles ones and taking the leap of faith into freelancing. In some way or another, we are all living out our dreams and have taken big steps towards them. We might not all be on the same page in life but we support each other no matter what. Having the courage to go after something you really want takes guts and a lot of planning for the future.

I still feel I have a lot more to give in my career as a fashion designer and have a plan in place in how I want to achieve this. Over time the dates might change giving room for any new encounters that come my way but the end goal will always be the same.

I have five steps I want to share with you that help me to achieve my goals.

1. Belief

Setting goals and life aims is the first step, after this comes the belief you can achieve your aims. The self-belief and confidence starts with you and if you believe you can achieve your goals others around you too. Giving up and taking the easy route in life is never rewarding.

2. Map out a plan

Once you have your goals or aspirations in mind, the next step is to set out a plan of how to achieve them. By writing down what you hope to achieve by the end of the year or by the end of the month you have set out aims for yourself. This in turn will give you focus for realising your dreams. I also find giving yourself a reward every time you achieve a small goal encourages you to push on to achieve more.

3.  Internships

When you have a career based goal there isn't always a straight forward way into the career path you want. In fact hearing stories of how a lot of my work colleagues got into the roles they are in now is very interesting. You need to explore as many avenues and internships as possible in your area of expertise as you never know where it might lead you!

4. Turn envy on its head

In any industry you can easily start to compare your path to another's and begin to doubt skills thinking you are not further on in your career as you would like. This is only natural but the best way thinking past this is by asking the more experienced colleague/friend how they got to where they are today. By asking questions you are opening yourself up to learning and soaking up any information to help push you on to achieving your goals.

5. 'Pain is temporary, quitting is forever'

This quote could not be more true. We only regret the chances we don't take, if you quit before you even reach your first goal you need to go back to the first point and start believing in yourself again. The pain of working two jobs or constantly saving is just temporary, you have to remember that you are working to your end goal, which will taste even sweeter if know you have worked so hard to get there.

I hope this has inspired you to take the leap of faith. Please let me know below your thoughts, it's always great to hear from you guys. I will leave my outfit details below. 

Joey x