Since Christmas and New Years I've seen quite a few bloggers making posts about their favourite outfits of 2014 and although I've not been blogging long I thought I'd share my favourite outfits too.

As you can see there is a reoccurring theme here with crop tops, I love them - they are my go to outfit, the fail safe option. From looking back at my style in September I feel my style keeps evolving and towards the end of the year I have kept it quite minimal with clean lines. The denim dress and Alexander Wang are my two favourites and I feel I need to explore more styles like this for the New Year, plus I want to explore more fitness focused blog posts, which include healthy eating and gym wear. Later this week I will post my New Years resolutions with what I want to achieve this year.

One thing is for certain I need to improve my pictures, my boyfriend is taking them with a friends camera but I need to invest in a good camera. I have been looking at a bridge camera instead of a full DRL digital one as my first one.