I don't know if anybody knew but there was a little festival on at the weekend called Glastonbury... I did have tickets for this festival but I had to give them up as I decided my friend's wedding in San Francisco in a few weeks was more important to attend. Believe me when I say this though, it was the hardest thing I have had to do in a long while, and it was made even harder by my friends updating their social media pages everyday! I bet you are thinking boo hoo and get over it, which I have by planning to get tickets next year and not giving them up! Apart from my first world problems of not attending festivals I have had some exciting news to do with me and my blog, I won't spoil the surprise but in the next couple of weeks I will relieve all.

Back at University I used to own a Levis cut off denim skirt and I absolutely loved wearing it to death but since then I kind of grew out of them, until just recently I've seen a few girls wearing the old short denim skirt so I decided to purchase one. I wanted a raw edge distressed looking one, not so clean cut and here I've teamed it with a white shirt from Stories. I've spoken about them before and every time I go in store I end up buying a shirt, you can not beat them on quality of fabric at high street prices. The shoes are from Office and the bomber is my boyfriends from Topman, good steal for the day! Are there any fashion styles that you thought you left behind but you are bring back now?

Joey xx


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