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I’m back with another food and drink post, ticking another restaurant off our bucket list! After some lovely comments on Instagram for my review where we ate and drank in Paris, I am going to carry on creating these types of posts. I personally love reading where people stay and which restaurants they visited so hopefully I can pass on some good recommendations to you guys! We are really enjoying rediscovering Manchester, with so many cool new areas of town that have been renovated and lots of new places to try. On Saturday night we were kindly invited to try out a non-alcoholic cocktail menu by Seedlip at the plush Indian restaurant Asha’s in the city centre of Manchester.


For anyone who doesn’t know who or what Seedlip are, they are the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. They have made three delicious and very unique flavoured spirits that solve the problem ‘of what to drink when you’re not drinking’. Nowadays more and more people are opting out of drinking on a night out because they are wanting a more healthy lifestyle; Seedlip has come in and truly own this gap in the market. Gone are the days of sweet tasting ‘mocktails’, now people want all the taste of classic cocktail but without the hangover the next day stopping you getting up and going to the gym or getting on with your day!

After sampling a fair few of their non-alcoholic cocktails, I have to say the Garden 108 spirit has a truly unique and different taste, that isn’t like any alcoholic spirit we had either tasted before. It has the freshness of the spearmint and then an aftertaste of pea which is just delicious. I would recommend the Garden 108 for BBQs and summer nights and the Spice 94 is perfect for autumnal evenings and heading into winter.

Seedlip has another spirit which I’m intrigued to try as the first two were so unique. The latest spirit is a mixture of oranges, lemon, ginger and lemongrass called Grove 42. These spirits are just as good if not better than cocktails I’ve had in the past. I would highly recommend you try them if you see them on the menu!

Seedlip Garden 108 Flay Lay Rob Lawson.jpg

A selection of Seedlip Garden 108 cocktails you can make with this spirit.


These cocktails were a great start to our evening and beautifully curated by Asha’s mixologist, who made us feel very welcome and looked after us for our first part of our evening in the bar area. After a few drinks we headed upstairs to our table for our meal. Me and Joe absolutely love Indian food and found some incredible places to eat at while we living in London, so the challenge would be find places in Manchester that are on par with them.

Asha’s honestly didn’t disappoint, we went straight in with the king prawn starter marinated in ginger, garlic and spices and a dish of tikka salmon. We always like to order something that is easy to share so we both have a taster of different meals. The tikka salmon was my favourite and something I’ve never had before and loved. For our mains we each picked one of the creative curries as they sounded so unique. As we were sharing food we opted for one hot curry and one coconut one and we really needed the mild one, as the Muscat Gosht was super spicy but the lamb just melted in your mouth. The milder Kodi curry went perfectly with my garlic naan to balance out the spice.


As if we weren’t full enough we ordered a desert each as they came recommended, a chilli chocolate tart with mango compote and homemade chilli ripple ice cream. This tasted heavenly! Joe opted for a special pistachio kulfi which was just as delicious and tasted so fresh after a curry. The Seedlip cocktails were such a nice drink to go with all our courses and left us feeling fresh after our meal.



It was such an enjoyable evening, Asha’s offered a luxurious restaurant that looks after you so well. I would happily go back and sample even more of the menu and cocktails. If you guys have been to one of their restaurants please let me know what you thought. Or if you guys have tasted the Seedlip spirits or interested in the non-alcoholic drinks leave your thoughts below.

Joey x

P.S. Seedlip has a cocktail book you can pre-order, but they only have a limited number available.



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