Happy New Years Eve! I woke up this morning feeling quite reflective on the past year. It has been a year of some major milestones for me personally, career wise and some blogging highs. 2017 started on a real high for me and Joe as finally after years of wanting and wishing, we finally have a very own little dog. We picked up our furry little child in February and I still think it's the best thing we have ever done. As well as looking after my fur baby, my career took a turn that I didn't see coming. I have always designed women's wear but this year I started designing girls wear and eventually moved onto this product area full time. Honestly looking back I should have made the move years ago and even though it's a crazy amount of work. It's the most fun design work, drawing unicorns and putting glitter on any slogan we design. Making that move has cemented where I want to take my career for the future.

2017 has also been a very successful year for my blog. I feel like I've come along way with my style and increased my following loads this year. I also feel I’ve constantly improved my photographs across both my blog and Instagram. Here I have featured my top engaged photos from the app we all love to hate!


Another highlight was attending London Fashion Week for the first time. I know you asking yourself why are you a designer and only now attending the shows. With the beauty of the internet it means shows get uploaded almost instantly so we can download them and study the garments in detail without leaving my desk. Of course nothing beats seeing the clothes in real life though and feeling the atmosphere as the show unfolds.

Another great achievement this year was working with Forever 21 for Glastonbury. I absolutely love Glastonbury festival and wouldn't have missed this year for anything. It is literally my favourite place in the whole world and it only exists for 5 days a year. So when Forever 21 wanted me to do a festival look book, it married up perfectly with me going to Glastonbury.

IMAGE 15.jpg
IMAGE 9.jpg

The number one highlight for my blogging this year has to be my trip to LA with H&M to see the Erdem collaboration collection. This was a dream come true for me. I follow H&M every year to see who they have collaborated with, following the hype of what collection the designer will bring out. So to win a competition to see the collection at their launch show was just insane. It felt like all my hard work, all the extra hours I put into my blog started to pay off. It was a real pinch myself moment and one I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

IMAGE 12.jpg
IMAGE 2.jpg

I'll be raising a glass tonight to the amazing memories I've made and to all the people who have supported me and followed my blogging journey so far. Here's hoping 2018 brings some more amazing adventures and achievements. See you on the other side guys!

Joey x