I have just arrived back from an amazing three days in Berlin, which is one of my favourite cities in Europe. It was the second time visiting the city and this time me & my boyfriend went with 9 of our friends. It was exciting to go with people who had never been before and to show them around the tourist parts and other cool areas of Berlin.

The Reichstag building was a definite highlight which we took a tour up into the impressive glass dome to its peak where you can look out across the city at the impressive views.

We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel, which was perfect for our large group as the rooms were spacious and had a school trip feel to them with bunk beds - which made it feel like a massive sleep over for us. Our room over looked the court yard in the middle of the hotel, which you could see the grass roof top and the pretty fairy lights.

The attention to detail at this hotel was amazing - it was a boutique hotel and had a creative feel about the place, from the chalk board near the front desk that had a massive drawing of Bruce Lee to the huge paper lamp shades in the lobby. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and felt like you were visiting a friend's house, not staying at a hotel. I would definitely recommend anyone going to Berlin to stay here!

* plus even the website is cool →  Michelberger Hotel

Obviously we couldn't go to Berlin and not try and get into the famous techno club Berghain. It is renowned for being one the hardest clubs in the world to get into so it was a long shot to try and get all 11 of us!  Thanks to my boyfriend knowing basic German the 2 of us managed to get in, unfortunately we were the only ones in our group who were lucky. It is an amazing place and I loved the fact that everywhere in there is free to express themselves in which ever way they wanted to. There were some amazing outfits & some very interesting sights in there but unfortunately a strictly 'No Photos!' rule.

Sorry for the couple of photos of me and Joe stuffing our faces, but we had some gorgeous food from street vendors in the Kreuzberg area. The kebab Joe is munching down on is from  Mustafas Gemüse Kebap, where we queued for 45 minutes for the ''best in Berlin'' kebab, in that time I actually had a pizza and then had a kebab straight after (not sorry!). The wait was definitely worth it; the kebab was full of delicious fresh chicken, tasty roasted vegetables and yummy sauces all wrapped up at a very cheap price. Completely different to any kebab you'd get in the UK!

* check out the website →  Mustafas Gemüse Kebap

Hope you guys like my mini review of Berlin - would love to know your thoughts if you have been before or you would love to visit.