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smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor
smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor 2
smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor 3
smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor 4
mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor
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smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor, franks
smocking dress, espadrilles, mirror sunglasses, saddle bag, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor, franks 2
espadrilles, superdry, northern magpie, joey taylor

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog and to a fun little post on 'The Night Is Young'! For this blog post I have teamed up with Superdry to bring you a lookbook going from day to evening, so let's get into it!

It has been a long time coming but the summer is finally here! You have no idea how many outfits I have ready to wear once the weather had picked up. This weekend we made the most of the good weather and headed to one of my favourite places in South London, Frank's Cafe in Peckham. London has a huge choice of fancy rooftop bars but Frank's has a certain gritty charm about it and the fact it has one of the most amazing views over London makes it even better. With all this in mind starting your night out here is a great choice, where you can grab some food and sip on gin and tonics while taking in the views until the sun goes down over London.

As for the outfit, I found from living in London for nearly 3 years Londoners don't really dress up like they do elsewhere. You can wear whatever makes you feel happy and nobody will care, even a simple jeans and t-shirt will get you into any bar or club in London. That's why I put together this simple, summery outfit. Starting with the main part which is this chic off the shoulder dress. Here I have placed it over jeans, as I'm still very much loving this way of styling dresses when you don't know what the weather's going to do. For a pop of colour I've worn these flat espadrilles, which have a cute wrap around detail at the ankle. A great shoe that can take you from day to evening!

In the winter I don't accessorise as much, but come summer I'm adding in details whenever I can. Here I have this bohemian scarf tie around my neck, which I feel brings this whole look together. For the finishing touches to this look is this gorgeous leather tassel bag, which you can pack out with sun cream for the day and make-up for the night. And lastly, we have to talk about these mirror sunglasses. I love these! I'm not normally a massive fan of full mirror lens, as they can overpower my little head but because these are round, they sit nicely on my face. I hope you guys love this outfit, please let me know if you did in the comments below!

Joey x








blue shirt, raw edge jeans, suede mules, northern magpie
retro sunglasses, baby blue shirt, northern magpie
leather tote bag, blue shirt, northern magpie
retro sunglasses, topshop jeans, baby blue shirt, suede mules, northern magpie

Like most of us I am a creature of habit, even though I live in an amazing city like London I still do the same things every weekend. So knowing that we are heading back up t'north next year, me and my boyfriend decided to make a list of places we still need to eat at and areas we need to visit.

Last Sunday me and Joe spent the day wandering around Soho (an area I first worked in when I came to London) and Carnaby Street finding somewhere new to eat and go shopping. I thought I'd share with you guys our little trip out and places I would recommend visiting if you ever find yourself with a free afternoon in London.

baby blue shirt, retro sunglasses, raw edge jeans, suede mules, northern magpie
leather tote bag, nortehrn magpie, retro sunglasses, northern magpie
leather tote bag, suede mules, northern magpie
retro sunglasses, baby blue shirt, topshop jeans, northern magpie

Our first stop was to the Detox Kitchen along Kingly Street that runs parallel to Carnaby Street. This is a great place to eat, if like us, you are being good with your diet and eating healthy on the lead up to festivals or holidays. Taking the food we ordered we walked a few streets on to sit in the park Golden Square. One of my favourite things about London is even though we are in the middle of the capital, you can still find a small green space to relax and eat your food. We then carried on wandering through the streets of Soho checking out the independent clothing stores, places like Patta, Paul Smith, Axel Arigato and ended up at Wardour news. Now I know this isn't a clothing store but what this shop does have is a huge selection of magazines and is well worth a visit, if you ever want an independent magazine from anywhere around the world. For me, it was a perfect chilled Sunday afternoon in the sunshine and of course not forgetting my outfit..

This look is super relaxed with little to no effort required. I have my favourite raw edge jeans on from Topshop and teamed with this baby blue shirt by & Other Stories, which has a drawcord pull detail at the back. When pulled in it makes the shirt at the top fitted and gives a billowing effect towards the hem. It's a simple shirt but made in a soft none crease fabric, which makes it the perfect piece for chilling out in. To finish this weekend look off I have my mustard suede mules on for comfort and styling out the sunshine is these retro shades from H&M, making me feel like an extra out of Narcos! Let me know if you liked this look? and if you have any recommendations from London town before I leave the big smoke next year!

Joey x







rib top, wide leg trousers, seventies style, northern magpie, joey taylor
yellow sunglasses, denim jacket, seventies look, denim jacket, northern magpie, joey taylor
denim jacket, wide leg trousers, northern magpie, joey taylor
yellow sunglasses, long sleeve rib top, wide leg trousers, northern magpie, joey taylor


Each season I start by looking at street style blogs and key websites like for insider catwalk information. From there I pin key images to new boards on my Pinterest page. Looking back at my favourite pins I can then make a decison on what I want to purchase this coming season. For an idea into how I work with regards to my blog check out my Inspiration pages for May & April.

I must stress as much as I do get inpsired by trends, I look for staple pieces to inject into my wardrobe.

So far this season I have injected lots of new pieces to my wardrobe. I am really enjoying trying new colours, trends and experimenting with my style a little more than normal. I'd like to think as I get older I make better decisons on what to buy and have better knowledge of what pieces are staples to my wardrobe. Bearing all this in mind I thought I would put together my tips on keeping on top of your wardrobe and style.

The Clear Out

From time to time my wardrobe gets to a point of being over filled. Living in London has it's pros and cons and one con is the lack of space to store all of my clothes! I hit breaking point a couple of weeks ago, my draws wouldn't shut and my boyfriend had had enough of having only 10 coat hangers in our shared wardrobe. A clear out was in order! So we made sure items either got donated to charity or sold on eBay.

bangle, accessorises, cream ribbed top, northern magpie, joey taylor
denim longline jacket, wide leg trousers, ribbed long sleeve top, northern magpie, joey taylor

Make a Wish List

After I have my favourite pins collected I take each image and start searching online across a variety of stores. What's great about shopping online you can use the wish list or shopping baskets to collect all the items together in one place. I like to review all the pieces I've picked out and got rid of pieces that I just don't love. Another plus point with wish lists is I can leave items in there giving me time to think about them and view again at a later date.

Purchase Key Items

Buying anything and everything just doesn't work for me. Before I've even got to the check out page I will have narrowed my purchases down to around 3 or 4 items. I am not a haul shopper, instead, I have to really think about pieces before I buy them. My trend pieces tend to be purchased from the cheaper high street and the staple items I see as investment pieces so I don't mind spending a little more.

What are your tips for making better wardrobe decisions for the future?

Joey x








This month's inspiration comes from the hope that the weather will stop being so awful and actually turn into spring soon. For May inspiration it's a mix & match of items I need to invest in and new pieces that will inject newness to any wardrobe. As always I like to bring a range of styles and prices from stores I love. So let's get into his months most lusted for trend pieces.

northern magpie, vans, may inspiration, joey taylor

This season it's all about bold garish colour ways, taking colour blocking to a new level. For me I am feeling this mustard or marigold colour, but in luxe fabrics such as silks and sheen based fabrics. It's all about being bold with this colour by purchasing the full suit or if you aren't feeling that, a simple silk top will sit perfectly against some washed Levi 501 jeans.

northern magpie, stripes, joey taylor

The wicker bag is a fun trend I've seen building for sometime and thought the best way to feature a handbag like this is for summer outfits. They are not the most practical everyday piece instead this item is great for a weekend look. Making sure the bag doesn't look to fussy. I have picked out a a star clutch bag as a fun going out bag that would go with an all white look or a high summer wedding.

I bloody love my Adidas Gazelles trainers, so much so the tread has worn pretty much flat on them. So instead of repurchasing them I want to try another style and go for the Old Skool Vans. They are such a classic pair that can set off a casual look. These trainers would be my go-to for everyday wear, perfect with a pair of jeans and a white tee.

northern magpie, marigold, joey taylor, jeans

This trend never goes away but every season the high street keeps coming up with new ideas of how to reinvent the stripe. Personally I love this as any stripes item within my wardrobe goes along way. I am loving these culottes from Topshop as a great piece to wear as part of a work wardrobe or casually with a palin white t-shirt

northern magpie, straw bag, wicker bag, joey taylor

Spring summer is always a great time to experiment with trends and the high street and brands cover the key trends so well, it would be rude not to try them out. What trends do you like here? Have you seen a trend you want to experiment with?

Joey x