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I’ve just gone freelance and I’m wearing more jeans and t-shirts than ever at home, however I still like to wear something smart when heading into the city centre or working from a local coffee shop. I know how hard it can be to dress right for whatever job you have, so I’ve decided to start a series on my blog called the Nine to Five Edit.

I really want to bring to you guys some interesting looks that you can wear for work and feel fashionably. So no boring work clothes here, just fun, versatile pieces that you can purchase and wear time and time again.

This first look is all about styling out the heat in these hot summer months. I did think about finding a dress, but sometimes I like to wear lightweight trousers for the office. Some workplaces love to turn the air-con right up so it feels more arctic than normal. Here I’ve gone for a soft yellow pair from H&M. They stock some beautifully structured pieces of clothing that are just perfect for the office. I especially love their selection of trend based blouses and tops. I find them very easy to work into my wardrobe for work.

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Some other lovely work wear pieces ...

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For some added contrast I teamed my yellow trousers with this v neck cami top and my favourite knotted sandals from Jigsaw. Honestly I still think they are the best pair of shoes I’ve bought this summer season. For any work look, I create, the details from my shoes to my bag, to the necklaces I wear can make a huge difference. So I would encourage investing in shoes, like when your mum did before school started in September! I’ve put together some more pieces that I think you can mix and match within any wardrobe. Do let me know if like this series and if there any shops you want to see based on workwear?

Joey x






perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 1
perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 2
perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 3

After my Parisian trip, I started researching imagery of European style. I used Pinterest as my main source, as my home feed always throws up loads of cool imagery based on what I’ve liked before and boards I’ve followed in the past. From the street style shots from couture shows, I came across an image which I loved so much I have used it as inspiration to create this look for today’s post. 

perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 4

Normally I take inspiration from different outfits people have posted to create a whole new look of my own, but when I saw this particular look of a tank top and paper bag jeans I just thought I must own most of these pieces and I can easily recreate a similar look from my wardrobe. I have put some images at the bottom of this post and you will see how effortless and with ease Julie Pelipas glides down the street towards another couture show. Also, I’m not alone in loving this look, the Man Repeller even wrote a whole article on how this is the summer look!

perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 5
perfect ouffit for summer, Julie Pelipas, Man Repeller, northern magpie, paper bag waist trousers, tank top, joey taylor 6

So I decided to raid my wardrobe to see what outfit I could come up with, starting with the bottoms. I remembered before my holiday in a ‘spare of the moment’ purchase I bought these cream paper bag waist trousers in the sale from Zara. At the time the weather was far too hot here, let alone in France where the weather hit 35c but as the weather has cooled slightly I am able to wear them for this look. For the tank top I opted for this H&M ribbed vest top that I bought a true to size (size 10) but honestly, I could have gone down a size, as there is plenty of room in the body. The two-tone creams look great against each other but after looking at the original image that inspired this look, I know now I will be on the hunt for a camel coloured high neck top. The sandals are a pair I’ve worn non-stop for the last two months and the bag was a lovely gifted piece from John Lewis.

This is a loose take on the Julie Pelipas ‘perfect outfit of the summer’ look. Let me know if you like this look or have your own source of inspiration for summer looks.

Joey x






After spending a week in France and having a small break from all forms of work, I came back super inspired to create again. Whilst away in Paris I felt a real pang of inspiration from wandering the streets, browsing the independent stores and not forgetting the incredibly dressed French girls. I witnessed it first hand at how effortless the style and mannerisms, which make most of them the sexiest women on the planet! I have already started collecting images that have inspired my wardrobe for the next couple of looks.


Now I have officially gone freelance and I am traveling less for work, my days off are spent brainstorming ideas, creating content that I feel proud of, while still keeping style tips. Paris was a great place to reflect on the content I have produced so far and how I can push it further to more exciting places. I am still getting to grips with Instagram stories and IGTV. Some people have already put out some amazing high-quality content on IGTV, which makes me want to work on how I can include this form of content within my own work. The main thing for me is that my stories and videos match the quality of my images, so the work I put out on the app all links together seamless. Plus developing videos for Instagram is a nice bridge into the scary world of YouTube.

As much I love exploring new ways to create content, I am only ever going to write about things I feel truly passionate about and think you guys would love to see. Even though my blog is mainly fashion based I am loving writing about food and travel, so expect more of that content but please note it will always include some form of fashion within the post. As for sharing every last detail of my life, I’m going to leave that for the girls who are so good at it. Personally, it’s not my jam and I really don’t want to force a piece of writing, just for click baits. That is just not me and you would easily see through a post straight away. 

So you can expect more fashion, travel and food because this blog is all about escapism like blogs are for me. Not to be taken too seriously..

Joey x


CROP TOP - ZARA SOLD OUT (similar here & here)

TROUSERS - H&M SOLD OUT (similar here & here)






After I received so much love for my last review of places to eat and drink around Manchester, I thought I’d create a similar one, but this time about the amazing places in Paris me and Joe ate at. I must say, Paris has never been top of my list of places to visit, I have always thought of Barcelona or Berlin as a city break that suits us better. That all changed after a few days in the French capital though. I fell hard for the quirky streets, amazing food and the beautifully styled French people.

There is something about this city that just oozes the essence of cool. The style of some of women really inspired me, but I’ll save that for another post. Today is all about the amazing places I would recommend to eat and drink that made us fall in love with Paris.

Canal Saint-Martin

I’m going to start with the area we stayed in Paris, Canal Saint Martin. This area is such a cool spot and gives an air of Shoreditch or Northern Quarter vibes about it. They have tonnes of cool designers like Sandro and Paul Smith, as well as independent interior stores like Antoine et Lili. One of the best stores we visited was this cool art bookstore called Artazart. There was so much cool wall art and coffee table books I would have picked up if I haven’t already overpacked my suitcase. This is where I felt really inspired by the city and the fashion photography books I found in this store. At night it turned into a place where locals sit out by the canal, where people met friends and drank on the streets. With the weather being so lovely we sat out until past midnight drinking pink prosecco taking in this beautiful spot.

Le Citizen Hotel

Feeling inspired by Alex Serruy’s recent stay at one of the Le Citizen hotel, we decided to book a room at the one in Canal Saint-Martin. The hotel only had a select few rooms which all look out onto the canal. For the style, price and location of Le Citizen Hotel, we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay. Pretty much most of the places we wanted to visit and eat at were in walking distance or at most a short journey on the metro. The room itself was small and compacted, just enough space for a few nights stay in this very cool area of Paris. Part of our booking included the breakfast and normally we find other places to eat but we decided to eat here and the food was delicious. Plus on a side note, they had free wine & tapas tasting on a Tuesday evening, which was a lovely treat for our first night in Paris. I would highly recommend staying here if you want to be central, live like a local but are on a bit of a budget.


Du Pain et des Idees

Our first stop and one that was highly recommended by friends for their incredible pastries was Du Pain et des Idees. This fine little bakery sells some of the most delicious freshly baked goods I have ever tasted. We actually went back for a second time on our last day, just so I could have the pain au raisin pastries with dark fruits and cream cheese again. If you love your pastries or freshly baked bread this is a great stop off while wandering around Paris.

Top tip: This place is just as popular with the locals so I would advise going after breakfast but before lunchtime.


Ten Belles

This coffee shop was just up the road from our hotel and was the perfect spot off before we went on to do some sight seeing for the day. If we hadn’t already eaten at the hotel we would have definitely eaten here as the food looked just as good as the coffee. But instead we sat outside in the sunshine people watching.

L’Affineur Affine

Out of all the places on our list to visit, this was number 1 due to the fact we had been looking forward to eating so much of their delicious cheese. We had heard how popular this place was so we booked a table and spent the afternoon eating a board of ten different cheeses with a board of cured meats with pate and a bowl of salad. Washing it down with a carafe of french red wine. We were so impressed with one of the cheeses (truffle cheese) we bought some back with us, for our very own cheese and wine night to relive how good this place is. If like me you love cheese, you will love this place. I would say the board with ten cheeses was just enough for two people. The people are so lovely in this restaurant and will talk you through all the food and what compliments each cheese.



This Korean restaurant came up as one of the places to eat at in Paris. As it was only five minute walk away from our hotel and we both love Korean food we decided to try it out. It’s a small place, and we managed to get a spot near the window just before it got busy in the evening. We decided on 3x Bao buns, each with different meats and some crispy Korean fried chicken wings, which were the star of the night! The whole meal was so tasty and really filling from just a few things. I would even recommend getting the side salad just for the tasty dressing, and always get the kimchi!

To tip: Arrive early in the evening as this place gets very busy, even in the middle of the week.


This was a quick stop for a coffee after breakfast one of the mornings. This place wasn’t on our list but I was actually drawn up by the modern wooden details, open windows with people sat outside having what looked like a big portion of avocados on toast. So we popped in for just a quick coffee, the coffee itself was lovely but it was on the expensive side.



For our last meal in Paris before heading home we decided to go somewhere a little more healthier after eating all cheese and pastries Paris had to offer! So we tried another little spot that we found whilst walking around Canal Saint Martin called IMA.

IMA is a quirky little vegetarian restaurants that changes its menu to represent the fresh produce they have in that day. The menu is really simple, you pick either a small or large bowl of the day and they fill it lots of delicious things! We had goats cheese & cous cous, a potato salad, coleslaw and beetroot salad. We both had a small bowl which was just enough and was so tasty and fresh. A great place when you need a break from the french cheese and wine.

Touristy things to do

We couldn’t have gone to Paris without going to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Palais de Chaillot, but I would say you can easily admire these monuments from the street. We even took a short walk along the park that runs along side the river towards the Eiffel Tower, taking in the sights while sipping on a cold beer from the supermarket. For us going to a new place is all about the food and seeking places to eat and more often than not we end up sharing food just so we can pack in as many places we want to visit.

If you also loved Paris as much we did let me know any recommendations. Or let me know where you want to visit next on a city break?

Joey x